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Our parenting class has been approved by the Department of Children and Families.

By law, a parenting class must be four hours long. But our class is divided into chapters of about 30 minutes in length. So you can complete the class chapter by chapter whenever you have a half hour to spare. You can take the class at home on your computer or even on your cell phone or tablet.

Topics that will be discussed in the parenting class include:

Florida law on parenting continues to change and evolve. The new law, passed several years ago, eliminates the terms "custody" and "visitation” from the statutes. Also, under the new law, there is no "primary residential parent" or "secondary residential parent." Instead, the proper terms now are "time-sharing" and "parenting plan." Our class examines these recent changes and provides the most current information relating to Florida law about time-sharing. Sample Parenting Plans and Time-sharing Schedules are provided as well to help you plan your future arrangements.

Please see reviews of our class from former students here.

We hope you enjoy our class and that it brings stability and renewed purpose to your parenting.

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